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We help our clients to dispute inaccurate, incomplete, and unverified items on their credit reports.  Having these disputed items deleted or corrected typically results in a boost in credit scores.


We help our clients to get approved for new credit cards and installment loans. Opening new accounts, with a measured strategy, helps to boost credit scores.  And higher credit scores help our clients qualify for new cars and homes at lower interest rates.


We believe that financial literacy and credit education are critical to successful living. So we educate our clients on the hidden details behind the FICO credit score, and on the proper use of credit and debt management.  This positions our clients to keep good credit for life.

As part of our community education initiative, we offer financial literacy and credit education workshops.

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About Us

DaeWes LLC Credit Solutions helps consumers, nationwide, improve their financial situation. We do this through credit repair services, credit education, and financial literacy.

To raise credit scores, we focus on inaccurate, incomplete, and unverified items on the credit reports. Having these items deleted or corrected often results in a credit score boost.

We Know that Having Good Credit is Critical to:

  • Buying a home.
  • Purchasing a new car.
  • Obtaining credit cards and loans - and at low-interest rates.

But DID YOU KNOW that your credit information is reviewed by:

  • Employers to influence hiring and promotion decisions.
  • Insurance companies to decide whether to provide coverage and how much they will charge for it.
  • Landlords to decide whether to rent to you and to decide how much security deposit is needed.
  • Cell phone and utility companies to decide if they'll need a deposit.

Basic life choices can become a struggle for people who have bad credit.

DaeWes LLC Credit Solutions recognizes that life happens, but you have a choice for a second chance.

We offer you that second chance with our unparalleled credit repair service. Here's what we may help you do...

  1. BOOST your credit score. Delete or correct inaccurate, incomplete, and unverified items on your credit report.
  2. REBUILD your credit. Get new credit cards and loans.
  3. EDUCATE you so that you keep good credit scores and avoid pitfalls.

Our standards exceed the competition because we are passionate about helping others - Changing Lives.

Our President

Daemon Wesley, the founder and president of DaeWes LLC, is an accountant with 20+ years of experience in Corporate financial analysis, strategic and financial planning, and business development. 

In 2012, Daemon founded DaeWes LLC, a financial services company.

Recognizing the credit challenges that some clients faced, Daemon decided to incorporate credit repair services and financial literacy as the primary business focus nationwide.

DaeWes LLC Credit Solutions evolved to lead the charge to help educate people while helping them improve their credit reports and boost their credit scores.

Daemon is an Eagle Scout and a Presbyterian Church Elder.  He enjoys networking and sharing with others while encouraging them to pursue their passion and to make a difference.

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What our clients say

My credit score looked terrible… in the 500 s and now it’s over 700.

…had 30 items removed from my credit report and still counting…  a miracle, and a life saver.

Susan L. Philadelphia, PA

My husband and I were trying very hard to improve our credit with very little luck…

…my score started at a 503 now I am over 600 and still rising.

Amanda M. Jacksonville, FL

This guy did the thing to my credit…I mean my score was very low.

…helped me build my credit.

Latasha W. San Francisco, CA

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